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See You Later, Not Goodbye

With the start of a new year, the ministry volunteers of PCCM are reflecting on the amazing testimony we have to give for 2022. The Lord certainly blessed us beyond measure and we are grateful for everything that took place. As some of you are aware, our Executive Director, Beth McClellan stepped down from her position as she is moving away. While our hearts are heavy with missing Beth and her exceptional leadership, we know God has a perfect plan for PCCM and its future. Below is a letter from Beth.

Dear Friends,

My time at the Center has come to an end but my heart will always be there. In October 2019, God showed me a new ministry. I was ready but not ready. It didn’t matter, God used me and trained me to handle everything that he was getting ready to push towards the Center. During the Pandemic, I learned new office skills. I felt uncomfortable speaking in public, yet, I began to be asked to speak to business groups. I had never been a manager; however, God brought volunteers to the Center that needed direction. God showed me a direction.  

The Center is about people and God brought people to us.  Our God is about love and the people that he brought to the Center needed to be loved. Our Volunteers, each of you, gave that love.  You gave that love through your willingness to be trained and coached. You gave that love through your willingness to stand in the gap and be love to the unloved. You showed people God’s love not by standing on the mountaintop but by getting down in the abyss and hanging on when hanging on is the only option available. Each of you has touched my heart. Thank You!

What gives me the most comfort as I move forward toward another path from God is the fact that God has trained each of you to continue the journey of giving love to those who need it. We have learned together. We have strived, we have cried, we have strained to provide a glimpse of what God offers to anyone who will simply come to him.  I will miss each of you but I am not gone, I am literally just a phone call away.

Remember Philippians 4:13! 

With the Love of Christ,


For the time being, our Coach Coordinator, Nora Henn is acting a interim director with the support of all department heads. With that being said, PCCM is currently on the search for our next executive director. The successful candidate will be responsible for the day to day operation of the center. For more information and a detailed job description, contact Mark at 931-259-0166 or by email at mjlytle59@gmail.com. We ask that all our supporters be in prayer during this season as we know there is power in prayer and that Our Father has the perfect person in mind to lead this ministry.

May The Lord bless you all in the upcoming year. We look forward to working with you all to further the ministry and outreach of PCCM in 2023!