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Client Confidentiality Policy

Every client seen at Pregnancy Care Center is promised confidentiality and every center team member has a duty to uphold confidentiality unless an exception applies. Some exceptions include when disclosure is required by law, or there exists morally compelling circumstances to break confidentiality, or when necessary to protect the client or others from serious, foreseeable, and imminent bodily harm, or when the center is engaged in a criminal or civil dispute with the client.

In almost all other situations, client information, including identity, may only be shared with the client’s written permission.  When in doubt, the center should consult a local attorney knowledgeable in healthcare and/or counseling law.

Every client of PCCM signs a form acknowledging their understanding of the center’s promise of confidentiality and its limitations prior to beginning to receive services at the center.  This form includes the following disc

This center holds in strict confidence the information you provide with the following exceptions: due to concern for your safety and/or state law, we are required to report knowledge of a client who is suicidal, homicidal, abusing a minor, a minor being abused, or a victim of statutory rape, or when otherwise required to disclose such information by law.