Pregnancy Care Center of McMinnville

To protect the privacy of our guests, please turn off your cell phones and other personal electronic devices during appointment or use them in airplane mode only.


Services are not provided at this center without your consent

PCCM is staffed by personnel, including volunteers, who are trained to provide options, education, pregnancy decision coaching, mentoring, and practical, emotional, social, and spiritual support. These services are not intended to substitute for counseling/therapy provided by a licensed professional or for legal or medical advice.

This center is not a medical facility or qualified laboratory and is not legally qualified to perform or interpret your pregnancy test. Only an appropriately licensed medical professional should diagnose whether or not you are pregnant.


Center services and resources are intended for all persons who genuinely seek our caring help. Clients are served according to the center’s faith-based mission and values without regard to age, race, sex, income, nationality, religious affiliation, disability, sexual preference, gender identity, or other arbitrary circumstances.

Center will hold in strict confidence all the information you provide except as required by law or when necessary to protect you or others against a threat of harm. Use of electronic recording devices during your consultation is prohibited. This center and its representatives do not consent to having any conversations recorded. Any attempt to obtain these services or resources under false pretenses is not permitted and will void the center’s promise of confidentiality.

Educational materials and resources provided by the center are medically accurate and intended to be informative rather than sensational. Information about abortion or fetal development provided in response to your request may include video recordings by medical experts and may include potentially sensitive or disturbing content. You have the right to refuse any educational presentation at any point and may stop video content at any point or request that it be stopped.

All referrals provided by the center are made to assist clients and the center assumes no legal responsibility for services provided by other agencies. We recommend you choose whichever agencies can best meet your needs.

The center cannot guarantee your privacy when following up with you using any contact method you have provided. We recommend you consider who might be able to hear you when you take a phone call and who else might be able to view/access an email or text message that is sent to you. Center personnel will make every effort to protect the privacy of your personal and/or health information and to comply with your contact preference requests but it is your responsibility to advise us of those preferences.

It is the policy of this center to meet with each client individually. Guests may join later in the appointment at the invitation of the client.

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